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Meet International Students

The Missoula International Friendship Program (MIFP) promotes global awareness and friendship between international students at the University of Montana and the greater Missoula community.

MIFP arranges a semester-long or a year-long "friendship matches" between international students and local residents, called Community Friends. This program does not require home-stays. Community Friends and international students enjoy occasional get-togethers and learn about one another's culture while sharing leisure and family activities. 

Learn more about the Missoula International Friendship Program

Engage with Speaker's Bureau

International Students and Scholars coordinates the Speakers’ Bureau Program, through which international students are able to interact with the University of Montana and larger Missoula Community. If you would like to invite International students to give talks on a variety of topics related to their home country, or coordinate with an International student on campus, Speakers’ Bureau is for you!

Most students are happy to share what they love most about their homelands and the audience groups are always very excited to meet students and learn about other countries around the world.

Interested in Speakers’ Bureau? Please complete a Speakers’ Bureau request form