Become a Global Partner

What do Global Partners Do?

  • Meet regularly with a international student during the first two months. Spend time getting to know the international student over coffee, lunch or dinner
  • Attend up to three events sponsored by International Students and Scholars 
  • Help answer questions about UM, Missoula, or US culture
  • Introduce the international student to services on campus and in the community such as library, driver’s license facilities, bus routes and shopping centers
  • Invite the international student to social, cultural, and athletic events on campus and in Missoula area
  • Introduce the international student to other friends and just be a friend yourself

Can I do it?

To be a Global Partner does NOT require expert knowledge of all facets of campus life, life in Missoula, experiences with international students, nor foreign languages.  You DO need to:

  • Have spent at least a semester at UM
  • Be a registered UM student during the semester you become a Global Partner
  • Have an interest in international cultures and be open-minded to different cultures
  • Make a commitment to spend some time helping your student get acculturated

Click HERE to apply!

We accept applications on a rolling basis. 

Please email with any additional questions.