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Ke Wu

Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate School


Math 304; DHC 006
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Curriculum Vitae
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Personal Summary

Current Duties within the Math Department & Graduate School

  • Professor of Math
  • Working on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives in graduate education
  • Supporting the formation and operation of BIPOC graduate students
  • PI of the NSF Willow and STARS projects, Co-PI of NSF WiSEN project and Core Lead member of HHMI CIS project, to support inclusive and equitable education for students, faculty and staff with all backgrounds


Ph.D.University of Minnesota
Mathematics Education

M.S.University of Minnesota
Applied and Computational Mathematics

M.A.University of Minnesota
Counseling Psychology

B.L.(Bachelor of Laws) Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, China


Slected Current Projects

Co-Principal Investigator. (2023-2025). Dell, E., Beck, M., Wu, K., Howard, M., and Cadwell, J. National Science Foundation INCLUDES DDLP, WiSEN – Supporting Minoritized Women Students in STEM, Cultivating Pathways Using Mentoring Networks (WiSEN). (Amount: $599,994; Award # 2304093)

Principal Investigator. (2022-2028). Wu, K. Peck, F., & Harrington, J. National Science Foundation S-STEM. Collaborative Research: Supporting Talent with Aligned Resources for STEM students (STARS). (Amount: $1,692,873; Award # 2130286)

Core Lead Team Member. (2022-2027). Thomas, A., Peck, F., Wu, K., Whittenburg, S., Bird, K., and Kimbell, N. Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Driving Change: Coalition for Indigenous STEM (CIS). (Amount $2,499,720)

Principal Investigator. (2017-2024). Wu, K., Hall, R.A., Brown, B., Walker, L., & Patterson, M. National Science Foundation AGEP, Collaborative Research: The Willow AGEP Alliance: A Model to Advance Native American STEM Faculty. (Amount: $1,854,323; Award # 1723248)

Field of Study

Mathematics Education

Selected Publications

Slected Recent Peer Review Journal Articles

Feliciano-Semidei, R., Wu, K., & Chaphalkar, R. (2022). Introducing conditional probability using the Monty Hall problem, Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice. 19(2), 93-109.    

Grant, A., Swan, K., Wu, K., Plenty Sweetgrass-She Kills, R., Hill, S., & Kinch, A. (2022, February). A Research Publication and Grant Preparation Program for Native American Faculty in STEM: Implementation of the Six Rs Indigenous Research Guiding Principles. Frontiers in Psychology, 6557.

Beck, M., Cadwell, J., Kern, A., Wu, K., Dickerson, M., & Howard, M. (2022). Critical feminist analysis of STEM mentoring programs: A meta‚Äźsynthesis of the existing literature. Gender, Work & Organization, 29(1), 167-187.  

Peck, F. A., Renga, I. P., Wu, K., & Erickson, D. (2021). The durability and Invisibility of Practice Fields: Insights from Math Teachers Doing Math. Cognition and Instruction, 1-28.

Wu, K., Chaphalkar, R., Hecker, M., & Lask, E. (2020). Hidden strengths of American Indian and Alaska Native students in mathematics as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Journal of American Indian Education. 59(2), 7-32.

Renga, I.P., Peck, F., Feliciano-Semidei, R., Erickson, D., & Wu, K. (2020). Doing math and talking school: Professional talk as producing hybridity in teacher identity and community. Linguistics and Education, 55. DOI: 10.1016/j.linged.2019.100766.


University of Montana

Honors / Awards

Women's Leadership Inititive, University of Montana, 2019-2020

Sabbatical Award, University of Montana, 2017-2018

University of Montana, Division of Student Affairs, Service to Students Award, March 2013

Service, Teaching, and Research (STaR) for Mathematics Education, Fellow, 2010

Priscilla Hawn Fellowship, Fellow, University of Minnesota, 2007