MBS Events

This calendar contains MBS events: professional and graduate student seminars. Below the calendar, you will find a button for the sign up form for the professional and graduate student seminars slots.

Professional & Graduate Student Seminars

Molecular and Biomedical Science (MBS) professional and graduate student seminars will be held via Zoom on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. There will be roughly 12 seminars per semester. Follow the instructions within the google sheet to sign up for speaker and discussant dates. All students registered for credit in BIOB/BCH 547 must sign up for one speaker date and one discussant date. If you are a BMED or CMMB/BCBP faculty member or student interested in sponsoring a seminar during one of the open dates, please contact your department organizer (Brent Ryckman for CMMB/BCBP or Ashley Ochoa for BMED).