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The Department of History at the University of Montana offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn about key areas of American, European, and world history from award-winning professors active in research who love to teach! We help students ask and answer critical historical questions about the local, national, and global worlds of which we are all a part. In our dynamic courses and through our Public History Program, we encourage students to make the past relevant to the present and accessible to the wider public.

Understanding the forces of change that shape society's institutions, values, and culture provides a vital---perhaps the most vital---foundation for engaged citizenship and global leadership. Our students also gain valuable job skills through their training in critical thinking, deep historical research, and persuasive oral and written communication. In addition, students may obtain on-the-job experience and relevant credentials through our internship program and by pursuing a Certificate in Public History.

Graduate students in our masters and doctoral programs engage with classic and cutting-edge scholarship and develop thesis and dissertation projects that make original contributions to historical knowledge. They also can receive advanced professional training in university-level teaching and the robust field of public history.

a tour guide in missoula's underground points out a piece of a picture and speaks

Public History

Make history public - create a documentary, archive important documents, or conduct a live tour - so many options.  Start here. 


scholarly achievement award


The department of history awards $100k in scholarships to our majors yearly.



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