Elrod Hall

South Hall was constructed in 1921 and later renamed Elrod Hall for Dr. Morton J. Elrod, an esteemed professor.

Elrod is popular due to the rooms having sinks and the large number of single rooms. Elrod Hall is connected to Duniway Hall and students living in Duniway Hall share Elrod's facilities.   Elrod and Duniway residents are often found studying, playing games, or visiting in Elrod's large lobby. The north wall is almost entirely windows, which creates an inviting atmosphere anytime of the year.

Amenities At A Glance

  • Room options: Elrod offers single rooms, traditional double rooms, and triple rooms 
  • Wireless: Elrod Hall offers wireless throughout the building and all rooms have high-speed Internet ports available
  • Laundry: There is a laundry room located in the basement
  • Kitchen: There is not a kitchen in Elrod Hall
  • Lounges: Elrod offers a large lounge in the main lobby and a TV lounge in the basement
  • Living Learning Communities: Elrod Hall does not offer any Living Learning Communities
  • Elevator: Elrod Hall does not have an elevator available for students
  • Rental Storage Units: Elrod Hall does not offer storage for students, however, neighboring halls Miller and Pantzer do offer storage

Top 5 Reasons to Live in Elrod Hall

  • Sinks in all the rooms
  • Historical feel to the building
  • Parking is right outside the front door
  • Lobby is a great place to host study groups and play ping pong, pool, or chess
  • Large courtyard shared with Craig and Duniway for outdoor fun

Contact Information

Elrod Hall Staff Contact
Elrod Hall Admin - (406) 243-5143
Elrod Hall Duty Phone - (406) 241-2450

Mailing Address

Student's Full Name
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Elrod Hall Missoula, MT 59801

Elrod Hall Photos

*Room sizes and furniture in photos may vary from room to room. Fall 2024 will include triple rooms and double rooms.

Virtual Tour

Elrod Hall Single Room Tour