INCyTE brings together two communities that historically have not interacted closely: biogeochemical experimentalists and earth system modelers. The overarching goals of INCyTE are to enhance our understanding of nutrient cycling feedbacks on the global carbon (C) cycle in general, and to integrate different investigators, data, and experimental and conceptual frameworks to improve representation of nutrient interactions and constraints on the global terrestrial C cycle in Earth System Models.


Recent News

Welcome to INCyTE, an NSF Research Coordination Network (RCN) devoted to addressing how nutrients regulate the global carbon cycle. On behalf of the INCyTE steering committee, we hope you will consider participating in this exciting new project! Please spread the word and check back soon for more info!

INCyTE Seeking Stoichiometric Observatory Participants

*Are you a stoichiometry enthusiast? Would you like to be part of developing and using a global stoichiometry dataset? We are excited to announce plans for a distributed sampling this summer and we are looking for participants. The goal of the sampling campaign is to collect paired tree core, foliar, and soil samples to examine patterns and controls of C:N in trees across global ecosystems. Please follow this LINK for more information or email or with questions!*

UPDATE: All INCyTE members who intend to collect stoichiometric observatory samples, please email to confirm your intentions. If you are outside of the contiguous U.S., please indicate where your samples are coming from in your email. 

We are excited to share work by former INCyTE postdoc Dr. Katy Dynarski titled, Patterns and controls of foliar nutrient stoichiometry and flexibility across United States forests, recently published in Ecology.

INCyTE is happy to announce that we have funded four early career researchers to more deeply explore links between data and models. Congrats to all four of these INCyTE Fellows! We look forward to hearing more about your exciting projects!

We are happy to welcome Dr. Emma Hauser as the new INCyTE postdoc. Congratulations, Emma!