Venture Coaching


About Venture Coaching

Venture coaching is a free business and entrepreneurship consulting service without the formalities. We have an entire team of coaches trained to sit down with clients and help them with any aspect of their business. 

Anybody at the University of Montana or the greater Montana region can use these services. From Missoula Farmers' Market booth owners to eCommerce entrepreneurs, to even full-time business owners, we have helped them all.

All Venture Coaching sessions are free of charge and we take no stake in your business. 

Ready to Schedule a Venture Coaching Session?


How do I meet with a Venture Coach? 

We use Startup Tree to host our venture coaching service. In order to meet with a coach, all you have to do is complete three easy steps: 

  1. Go to our Startup Tree Page
  2. Make an account or login
  3. Navigate to 'Schedule to Meet!', select a coach, and choose a time to meet. You can either meet with a coach in-person or via Zoom

You should meet with a Venture Coach if you...  

-Have an idea for a business, non-profit, initiative, blog, podcast, side hustle, eCommerce site, etc. 

-Have an established side-hustle or small business and need help 

-Just want somebody to share and build out your ideas with

-You need more business resources or contacts in the MT community 

Our Venture Coaching Team