Class of 2021 Steps Up Pro Bono Service During Pandemic

Raising awareness of access to justice concerns and supporting pro bono service reflects a shared community value and is an institutional priority. Blewett School of Law graduates recognize the character, values and professionalism necessary to serve society as lawyers, including the importance of pro bono work, service and access to justice for underserved communities. To support this learning outcome, the law school maintains a voluntary Pro Bono Program.

Despite the health, energy, remote learning, mental and emotional challenges students faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the class of 2021 managed to provide 3,100 hours of pro bono service over the course of their three years of law school. Of the 73 members of the class of 2021, 41 provided pro bono service during their law school careers.

For the class of 2021, the following 14 students received “Pro Bono Honors:

  1. Cierra Anderson *
  2. Meaghan Bailey +*
  3. Emily Bolan +#*
  4. Dallas Burris +*#
  5. Kelsey Dayton +#*
  6. Joseph Gresham +#*
  7. Emily McCulloch +#*
  8. Reema Najjar #*
  9. Elaine Nichols +#*
  10. Remy Orrantia +#
  11. Sarah Palakovich *
  12. Kimberly Wein +
  13. Lindsay Whalen +#*
  14. Connlan Whyte +#*

For the class of 2021, 26 students (including those listed above) completed the Law School Pro Bono Service Program requirements:

  1. Lauren Amongero +#
  2. Joy Barber +*
  3. Kylar Clifton #*
  4. Shelby Danna #
  5. Van Gillette
  6. Daniel Horton #*
  7. Robert Joki #
  8. Erin Mahaney #
  9. Erin McGarvey +#
  10. Deanna Rothwell *
  11. Rachel Wagner *
  12. Hannah Willstein #*

Other members of the class of 2021 who participated in the pro bono program while they were in law school: Suzanne Barnes, Allison Barnwell, Seth Bonilla, Jesse Erickson, Forrest Graves *, Conran Gunther, Afton Jessop, Mariah Johnson, Katalyn Lindberg *, Justin Ransom-Redeen, Anthony Reed, Dimitrios Tsolakidis*, Sarah Weerstra, Amethyst Westeren, and Peter Yould *.

+ Indicates that the student also received a “Dean’s Third Year Student Pro Bono Recognition” certificate
# Indicates that the student also received a “Dean’s Second Year Student Pro Bono Recognition” certificate
* Indicates that the student also received a “Dean’s First Year Student Pro Bono Recognition” certificate

Students provided pro bono hours with the following organizations:

  • Associated Students of the
  • University of Montana (ASUM)
  • Legal Services
  • Community Dispute Resolution
  • Center (CDRC)
  • Court Appointed Special
  • Advocates (CASA) of Missoula
  • Crowley Fleck PLLP- Order of
  • Protection Project
  • First Peoples Investment Engagement Program
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Missoula Housing Authority
  • Missoula Office of the Public Defender
  • Montana Department of Public
  • Health & Human Services - Legal   
  • Services Developer
  • Montana Innocence Project
  • Montana Legal Services
  • Association (MLSA)
  • Montana Office of the State
  • Public Defender
  • Ries Law Group, P.C.
  • River Mountain Immigration
  • Self Help Law Center
  • Trust Montana
  • Veterans Advocacy Clinic