Community Instruction Policy

Community Instruction Policy

In support of The University of Montana's mission to provide a quality-based learning and research environment, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library provides users dynamic services essential to identifying and accessing information. One of these services is instruction.

The Library’s instructional services are primarily aimed at supporting University course assignments and learning. The Library also provides outreach in the form of instructional services to regional high school classes, and occasionally other community groups, in line with the General Guidelines and details listed below.

General Guidelines

  • Instruction sessions may be scheduled during The University of Montana's Winter, Spring, or Summer Breaks. See academic calendar for specific dates. When the regular academic semester is in session, University class requests take priority over community requests.
  • General tours can be given by the visiting group's leader. 


High Schools

  • High School media specialists are encouraged to contact the High School Outreach librarian to establish a cooperative teaching approach to library resources, so that the school librarian might teach or co-teach their students at the Mansfield Library.
  • School media specialists or subject teachers should request an instruction class at least one week in advance of their preferred date.
  • Only assignment-related classes will be scheduled. Assignment information needs to be provided to the librarian, so that the librarian can plan a focused and relevant instruction session.
  • Teacher/parent to student ratio must be 1 to 10.
  • A Library account will be set up in the name of the high school, with the library media specialist as the contact individual. This account will enable visiting students to check out materials during their visit. See High School Class Visits Lending Procedures for details.
  • Campus tours can be coordinated with the Library class visit, per request.

Middle, Junior High, and Elementary Schools

  • Use of the public library is recommended, as age appropriate.
  • Exceptions will be made for specific class assignments that require resources only available at Mansfield Library and that meet the General Guidelines.

Teachers and Other Groups

  • Resource-related workshops will be provided according to the General Guidelines.


All community requests should be directed to Kate Zoellner, coordinator of High School Outreach, 406/243-4421.

Additional services available before or after instruction sessions at the Library include electronic information resources, research assistance, online research guides, computer workstations, and a full-service The Paw Print.

Last Updated: 11 January  2010