Future Students

What is the area of Management Information Systems (MIS)?

The study of MIS facilitates the relationships between information, technology, people, the organization, and society. A management information system is any system or process that provides the information needed to run a business or organization effectively. (Definition taken from the Comptroller of the Currency's Handbook)

Management information systems, computer science, and computer technology programs overlap in some of the content, but the fundamental focus of each discipline is different. As an MIS professional, you may find yourself competing with majors from other disciplines for entry-level jobs, but most MIS majors, after gaining some experience, move into jobs that focus on the management of the firm’s information resources.

Dr. David Firth: "MIS is fundamental to how we all run our lives, be it individually, with friends or as a company. Can you imagine getting things done without mobile technology? With technology so embedded everywhere, MIS is a perfect choice as a major as it will help you understand the issues surrounding technology, and show you how technology works. We do not focus on specific technologies, as they change monthly (if not daily!), but on how you as an individual or as an employee of an organization should explore the possibilities, and the constraints, that technology brings. Your career will be defined by technology and the role it plays at the companies where you work; so be a driver not a passenger."

Video: Why Study Management Information Systems?