Creative Services

Photography, Videography, Graphic Design and Signage

Campus Photography  

Having great imagery that can effectively and instantly tell the story of the University of Montana is vital to our success. UM has several photographers on staff to capture photos of your events and for your marketing materials. To request a photographer attend your event or schedule video shoot, please fill out this form

Photography Access

UM uses a digital asset management service called Libris. View the UM Photo Library here. Permission to access the UM Photo Library is granted on the basis of need. To request access to the UM Photo Library or for assistance locating an existing photo, email or call 406-243-4674.

Policies and Guidelines 


To request a video produced by UM Creative Services, email Andy Chapman, director of brand strategy, at

Graphic Design 

Complete this form to request graphic design work produced by UM Creative Services. If you have questions, email Andy Chapman, director of brand strategy, at

Banners and Signage

Marketing and Communications has a variety of UM-branded signage and banners available on loan for on-campus and off-campus events. Fill out this form to request banners and/or signage. If you have questions, email Karen Schlatter at

Request Support from Admissions

The UM Admissions Office can provide admissions materials such as recruitment brochures, lanyards, stickers and other swag to UM faculty and staff who are attending/hosting events with prospective students in attendance. The Admissions Office can also provide staffing support at some events. 

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