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Montana 10 is a new scholarship and community at the University of Montana. The program offers academic, social, and financial supports designed to help students succeed in college.

Students who become Montana 10 Scholars will be part of a special group of students leading the way in a new way of doing college—a kind of college where students have the financial support they need, the community and guidance that knows them and supports them as individuals, and the specialized academic support that will help them achieve their education goals and launch their careers.

What Montana 10 offers for your success

We know that college is a big commitment. Being a Montana 10 Scholar will mean that you’ll have a lot more support and resources in helping you achieve your academic and career goals. As a Montana 10 Scholar, you will be more likely to graduate on time, with less debt, and with excellent preparation for your chosen career. This will set you up for professional and personal success throughout life.

Montana 10 components with financial supports, academic momentum, and purpose and belonging.

Montana 10's components are: 
Financial Supports - scholarships, textbook stipends, monthly incentive
Academic Momentum - full-time schedule, corequisite math and writing tutoring
Purpose & Belonging - specialized advising, career development orientation, freshman seminar

Contact for Montana 10

Do you want to know more about Montana 10? Please contact: 
Amy Capolupo
Director, Office for Disability Equity
(406) 243-4584

Montana 10 is a Pilot Project

Montana 10 is a part of a study being conducted by the Montana University System that looks into the role that these types of services and financial supports play in students' college experience and outcomes. The study will track the progress of around 300 Montana 10 Scholars and compare aspects of their college experience to a similar number of students receiving traditional campus services. Around half of the students who apply will be chosen to participate. Participation will be determined through a random selection.

Research FAQs (PDF)