About Us

MPHTC Mission

To provide high-quality training and professional development opportunities to public health professionals and healthcare providers throughout Montana.


MPHTC will be the regional source for public health trainings, offering high-quality professional development opportunities and the ability to design and tailor trainings specifically for the needs of each community and stakeholder.

Values and Guiding Principles


  • Instruction and services delivered by the Center be held to the highest standards.
  • Services will be affordable and efficient, pairing engaging content with short-timelines to deliver knowledge as quickly as possible—without sacrificing quality.


  • Subject matter experts will be used to guarantee that trainings are topical, applicable and evidence-based.


  • Trainings utilize instructors that understand Montana, the workforce needs, and individual learning styles
  • Trainings will be accessible to all, using innovative delivery methods to reach even the most remote areas in Montana.


  • Instructors treat training participants as colleagues to grow along together and support and empower them along their learning path.