Master of Music in Performance

MUSI 520 Research in Music 2
MUSI 551 Major Performance Study  8
MUSI 554 Analytical Techniques I 3
MUSI 555 Analytical Techniques II  3
MUSI 593 Professional Project 2
Graduate level courses in Music History/Literature     6
Graduate electives (4 may be non-music)     6
Total Credits for Graduation   30
  1. In addition to the above graduate level courses, three (3) credits of ensemble participation are required.
  2. Electives are chosen in consultation with the major advisor.
  3. Independent Study may be substituted for required courses with the approval of the major advisor and the faculty member directing the independent study.
  4. At least 50% of the total program (excluding 3 credits of required ensemble participation) must be 500-600 level.
  5. Consult the Graduate Catalog for additional graduation requirements and procedures.
  6. Final Exit Oral Exam must be passed.