Music for non-Majors

History of Jazz

MUSI 130L-90, 

3 Credits. This course leads a tour through the development of jazz in the 20th century with emphasis on critical listening and the recognition of important trends and people in its history.

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MUS (various)

1 credit ea. Music majors and non-music majors alike are welcome to join any of our large ensembles. Concert Bands, Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Bands, Choirs, and more. 

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History of Rock & Roll

MUSI 132L-01

3 Credits. A study of the roots, components, and development of the musical art from "Rock & Roll"> Significant performing artists and the movements with the style identified and presented. Includes traditional lecture with substantial use of audio and visual aids. 

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Enjoyment of Music

MUSI 101L-01

3 Credits. This course develops music listening skills. Explore the relationship between musical materials and the expressive qualities of a musical composition or performance. Concert attendance required. No musical background is expected. For non-majors only.

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Music of the World's People

MUSI 207H-01

3 Credits. This course is an introduction to the diversity of music among the world's peoples. Selected music systems throughout the world examined in their broad culture contexts: religious, historical, and social. Introduction to ethnomusicology-a combination of musicology, anthropology, and other related disciplines.

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Beginning Guitar

MUSI 160A-01

3 Credits. A beginning course in the fundamentals of playing folk guitar. Includes introduction to the rudiments of music. 

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Country Music

MUSI 133L-01

3 Credits. This course will explore the country music genre, including major performers, songwriters, songs, and impact on culture from the early times on the radio to the beginning of the twenty-first century.

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