Natives Strengthening Indigenous Languages & Cultures

   GIVING THE GIFT OF LANGUAGE                     two-day refresher in ASLA  

                A Teacher Training Workshop for 
                Native Language Instruction and
                         Acquisition in ASLA
                        March 29 & 30, 2024

                  WORKSHOP FACILITATOR 
                  Dr. Neyooxet Greymorning

                       WORKSHOP SITE 
                    1325 North 7th AVE
                    Bozeman, Montana

        Conference Room Rate - $159 plus tax
                   For Room Reservations 
            Call (406) 587-5261, or email  

Below are video clips of the impact ASLA has had toward revitalizng Indigenous languages. Listen and watch students telling stories in Arapaho and talking about in-class learning. To view or hear a story click on a title. 

July 2022 Australia, Gumabynggirr peoples lost their last first language speaker in 2019, leaving themwith only one adult proficient speaker.  After sustained ASLA 3-day workshops in 2016, 2018, 2019, & 2020, 12 highly proficient speakers were developed throgh ASLA that led to a language school opening in 2022. Don't forget to read the explanations beneath the video clips.

Video Clip A: July 21, 2022. Ellie teaching a Gumbaynggirr Creation story to children

       Video Clip B: July 2022 Gumbayngirr Language Class

       Video Clip C: July 2022 Gumbaynggirr Language Class

       Video Clip D: July 2022Gumbaynggirr Language Class

       Video Clip E: July 2023 Gumbaynggirr Language Class


  1. Apr. 2014 Sterling on Learning Blackfoot Through ASLA 
  2. Apr. 2010 Mary talks at Giving the Gift of Language about ASLA
  3. Apr, 2010 Students Talk About Learning Arapaho Through ASLA
  4. April 2011: A Man and His Two
  5. May 2011 Grandfather is Ill
  6. Apr. 2010 Mellssa Tells Coo'ouu3ih'
  7. Oct. 2010 The Little
  8. June 5, 2010 Erik's
  9. June 5, 2010 Don't Drink the 90 second clip.
    1. Click for translation and explanation of stories 7 & 8.
  10. Mar. 2010 Robert comments on storytelling; 30 sec. Vid
  11. Aug 2009: 1st Among the Birds. Sound file
  12. May 2009 Kyra Hall. This short 8 minute video clip is an example of part of the final exam that shows several cases where the student self-corrects plus thinks through the language to create, speak and learn new language aspects.
  13. April 2008 Keith Tells Coo'ouu3ih'ohut - Flies High
  14. 2007: Notkoniihii, the story of the Scout
  15. 2005 Building Complexity

Sample Final Oral Examination 2009