Maroon, Silver and Green: UM Installs First Fleet of EV Charging Stations

An electric vehicle charging station on the University of Montana campus.

MISSOULA – The University of Montana is leading the charge to expand access to electric vehicle infrastructure in western Montana.

UM recently installed four level II dual-port ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations on campus. The EV charging stations are funded in part by “Charge Your Ride,” a Montana Department of Environmental Quality program.

“Over the next few years, our goal is to add more stations to campus, including in our facilities compound and at the residence halls,” said Eva Rocke, UM’s sustainability director. “This grant is a game-changer for us as we become one of the only college campuses in the region to install high-quality EV charging stations. Hopefully adding a few more stations to those that already exist in Missoula will make it that much easier to own and drive an EV.”

The new charging stations further signal UM’s effort to support electric vehicle ownership by students and employees, as well as provide the necessary charging infrastructure for any future state-owned electric fleet and utility vehicles. As vehicle manufacturers increase production of electric vehicles, UM is positioned to meet the EV charging demand that is likely around the corner.

“DEQ’s partnership with the University of Montana expands clean transportation alternatives to the campus,” said Dan Lloyd, chief of the DEQ Energy Bureau. “As more Montanans look at electric vehicles, partnerships like this between UM and DEQ will be important to drivers who need to charge up and get back on the road.”

Since the charging stations became active, UM employees and students have used them consistently. The spaces adjacent to the charging stations are reserved for EVs, and the installation of these charging stations is the latest step in UM’s effort to address vehicle emissions and climate change, Rocke said.

“Expanding on-campus EV charging station access is just one of the proactive steps we are taking to address air quality issues in our valley and do our part to make a low- or zero-carbon future campus that much more attainable,” she said. “Our shared goal is to make sure UM leads the effort towards a sustainable future.”

The four University EV stations are located at the Parking Garage, near the University Center, near the Fitness and Recreation Center, and on the south side of campus in Lot E. The new station locations are available online with the U.S. Department of Energy.

The installation of the charging stations comes on the heels of UM’s groundbreaking on a new Combined Heat and Power Plant – a project that will slash campus emissions by 30%.

DEQ’s “Charge Your Ride” program distributes funds to numerous projects around the state from a portion of the $12.6 million Montana received through the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Settlement. The goal of the settlement funds is to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions that contribute to unhealthy air.  

To learn more about UM’s sustainability efforts, visit the UM Sustainability webpage.


Contact: Eva Rocke, UM sustainability director, 406-243-4323,