NTSG Projects

North American Carbon Program (NACP)

Satellite monitoring of landscape freeze-thaw state and associated constraints to the North American carbon budget.

Western Artic Linkages Experiment (WALE)

Modeling the role of high latitude terrestrial ecosystems in the arctic system: A retrospective analysis of Alaska as a region system.

Remote Sensing of Terrestial Carbon Exchange

A New Approach for Satellite Monitoring of Pan-Arctic Terrestrial Carbon Dioxide Exchange.

Remote Sensing of Land Water Mobility

Satellite remote sensing of land-atmosphere water and energy exchange.

Freeze-Thaw Uncertainty Assessment

Monitoring Freeze/Thaw.

Assessing Pan-Arctic Hydrology Changes

Assessing recent hydrologic change over the pan-Arctic basin.

Lake Ice Phenology

Methods for regional lake ice monitoring.

Alaska Permafrost

Mapping Alaska permafrost

NASA Projects (External)

NASA Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)

Landscape controls on the Arctic-Boreal carbon budget

NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission (SMAP)

Mapping soil moisture and freeze/thaw state from space.