Family Orientation

Welcome to the University of Montana Family!

We are excited to be a part of your student's transition to college, and we realize families play an important role in this experience.  We invite parents, guardians, spouses and other family to attend New Student Orientation. 

Attendees have the opportunity to meet professional staff and administrators who provide support services on campus. Our staff will answer your questions and provide you with information on student programs and services. You can talk to current students who can give you a realistic idea of college student life. Our program also offers a variety of social events where we extend our casual Montana hospitality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We would love to have you and any other people who support your student attend orientation.  During Summer and Fall Orientations at the University of Montana we have a robust family program that is unique and separate from the student program.  Transfer Transition, Spring Orientation and Missoula College orientations are a little smaller, and do not have entire family portions.  You are absolutely welcome to join your student for their sessions though!

Here at UM we register new freshmen in their Academic Core Courses. These are the classes recommended for their academic major or their area(s) of interest. This way, no matter which Orientation program your student attends, access to the classes required for his or her major isn't affected. Students will register for additional classes, electives and general education courses, at their on-campus Orientation. In order for us to register students in their Core Courses they must complete their Pre-Orientation Checklist and My Academics Tasks by the posted deadlines.

After your student registers for an Orientation, a "Welcome to My Academics" email is sent. This email contains the link to My Academics. Students use their NetID and password to log in to My Academics. Please encourage your student to take their time, read each task carefully and watch the helpful videos.

NOTE: Even if your student finishes all of the My Academics tasks, we cannot register your student in their Core Courses if the Health Holds are not cleared and the Health Insurance Election has not been made. Instructions for how to take care of these two items are on the Pre-Orientation Checklist.

Campus is mostly closed during the summer, which means we have to contract with our various campus partners to bring in additional supports, provide meals, house students on campus, etc.

Fall Orientation does not have an up-front fee. However, all new students will be charged a $67 orientation fee regardless of which program you choose.  This will be due when you pay for your tuition and fees.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with faculty and advisors from their academic departments during Orientation. Encourage your student to make a follow-up appointment to meet one-on-one with their advisor during the first few weeks of classes.

Absolutely! The official move-in day is on Saturday, August 25, but students can move in as early as Saturday, August 18 for an early-arrival fee of $23 per night. This fee will be automatically charged to your students’ accounts if they check in early. Also, no need to call and let us know if you are planning to check in any time from August 18 - August 25, just show up to the front desk of the hall (usually open from 8:00AM - 6:00PM) and you can begin the check-in process.

Additional Information

  • Visit our Resources page for additional information on travel & accommodations, outdoor trips, and campus contacts.
  • Griz Family News is the official newsletter for families of enrolled students at the University of Montana. This newsletter is published monthly during the academic year and offers useful information and dates for families and students.
  • For more information about the New Student Orientation programs, please visit the Freshmen or Transfer Student pages.