UM Advising Services

Academic advising is critical to student success at University of Montana (UM). All undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor at least once each semester to review educational progress, discuss future plans, and secure schedule approval prior to registration. Additional meetings are recommended for information and guidance on dropping and/or adding courses, changing/declaring majors, exploring available resources, and ensuring that graduation requirements are met.

Additional information on advising at UM is available in the UM Catalog at
Advisors are assigned to students based on the student's primary major.  Faculty mentors are also assigned based on the student's major(s).  Secondary advisors are assigned based on additional majors, minors, certificates, or other programs and campus services a student participates in, such as Athletic Academic Services, Davidson Honors College, Franke Global Leadership Initiative, and TRIO Student Support Services.  Students should meet with their primary and secondary advisors as well as faculty mentors regularly.

Advisors are located within UM's Colleges, Schools, and other advising units such as the Undergraduate Advising Center, which is the advising home for exploratory/undecided students.  Please use the UM Advising Directory to find advisors across campus.