Why Attend the Skaggs School's Doctor of Pharmacy Program?


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Ranked #2 Nationally

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Keeping YOUR training affordable

UM Skaggs School of Pharmacy awarded an average $205,500/year in scholarships from 2019-2022.

In-State Tuition & Fees


Out-of-State Tuition & Fees


In many instances the cost of attending Pharmacy School in Montana as an out-of-state student is less than their own in-state programs.
It's something worth looking into.
Up to $15,000/year tuition reductions for eligible non-resident applicants
Out-of-State Tuition Academic Merit Award

Unique clinical experiences and exposure throughout your Pharm.D. program, equipping our graduates with skills for providing care, population health and outreach, and rural and underserved health:

  • Innovative small group discussion and problem-solving sessions throughout P1-P3 years.
  • Clinical simulations and interprofessional learning experiences throughout P1-P4 years
  • Clinical and outreach experiences starting the very first semester
  • Clinical rotations in rural and underserved areas including Indian Health Services and Tribal sites in Montana
  • Extensive dual degree offerings: PharmD/MPH, PharmD/MBA and PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Design
  • Opportunity to participate in International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) in India, Borneo, Scotland, France, Peru and Romania
  • Global health APPE: Interprofessional experience (pharmacy, PT, public health, family medicine residency) in a low-resource setting, learning about both public health and direct clinical care. Pharmacy students learn about travel medicine, tropical disease, WHO essential medications, traditional medicines used in other cultures, healthcare systems/policy, and the role of the pharmacist in these settings. In the past, the partner organization has been located in Indonesian Borneo, and we intended to send students to India in 2020.
  • Scotland APPE: Travel to several NHS sites where students learn about pharmacy practice in the UK and are exposed to direct patient care in community pharmacy settings.
  • France APPE: Exchange program with the University of Rennes (students must be fluent in French).
  • Natural Medicines APPE in Peru: Offered by Global Awareness Institute, rotation takes place in Peruvian Amazon
  • Romania APPE: For MBA dual-degree students, students learn about health systems from a business standpoint and providing care in a low resource setting

UM, an exceptional place to LEARN

Nationally recognized for its small class size (65) and low student:faculty ratio (≈ 7:1), UM's PharmD program ensures that each student is an engaged member of our learning community.
"Faculty make it their No. 1 priority to ensure that you understand the material and are prepared for clinical practice. The overall ambiance of the School of Pharmacy is unparalleled." -Matt Slagle, Class of 2016

Missoula, an exceptional place to LIVE

"For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love."

- John Steinbeck

"Missoula, a place where people who could live anywhere choose to live."

- Outside Magazine

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