Civic Engagement Project

The Project

Our M.A. in environmental philosophy is a “non-thesis” degree. The final evaluation takes the form of a civic engagement project completed during your second year. It has written, oral, and web-based components.

The 20-25 page written component is a record of your engagement work and highlights its connections to your degree. One of its sections ties specifically into your core seminars. The public oral presentation takes place towards the end of the spring semester of your second year. The webpage goes up on the department site to provide a record of what you have done.

The project requires creative, practical work. It complements your internship and contributes to a highly practical M.A. in environmental philosophy.

An engagement project can build on your internship or it can be something completely new.

A more detailed description of the project, including the different sections required in the portfolio, is available here. Projects completed by recent graduates of the program can be viewed here.