Information About Firearms on Campus

Current Campus Carry Information

As of June 1st, 2021, the following guidance reference firearms and weapons on the University of Montana Campus is in place.  This informational page will be updated with any changes. 

The Montana Board of Regency Policy 1006 prohibits carrying firearms on or at any campus of the Montana University System except for:

  1. those persons who are acting in the capacity of police or security department officers and who:

    1. have successfully completed the basic course in law enforcement conducted by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy or an equivalent course conducted by another state agency and recognized as such by the Crime Control Division of the Montana Department of Justice; or;
    2. have passed the state approved equivalency examination administered by the Montana Law Enforcement Academy; and
  2. those persons who are employees of a contracted private security company and who are registered to carry firearms pursuant to Title 73, Chapter 60, MCA.

University of Montana Policy 1009 restricts the possession and use of firearms on the campuses of the University of Montana. Individuals authorized to carry firearms without prior approval from the University President or the UM Police Chief include:

  • Peace Officers
  • Federal authorities who are empowered by federal law to be armed

Students living in residence halls or Residence Life facilities must store any firearm with UMPD and follow mandatory requirements for possession. All residents of the University Villages and Lewis and Clark Villages must register any firearm with Residence Life.

The University of Montana Police Department’s Procedure ASOP 9B provides additional guidance regarding firearms on campus.

The University of Montana Police Department has a firearms storage vault where students, staff, and faculty can store their firearms. Access to the vault is 24/7 at the UMPD front desk. Those wishing to utilize this service may request firearm storage by visiting with personnel at the UMPD front desk. For additional information, you can contact the University of Montana Police Department’s non-emergency line – (406) 243-6131.