UMPD Services Offered

Maintaining a safe environment on campus begins with crime prevention.  In addition to investing in your Personal Safety UMPD has programs to help you keep your personal property safe. 

Key control is vital to the security of your department’s property and facility.  Ensure that those you authorize to have key access are mindful of that responsibility.

Key Checkout Procedure

  1. The key request cards must be signed by the department authorizing agent on file with the University Police department.
  2. Only one key can be checked out per key card.
  3. A key card must be filled out for a building and room and not be altered.
  4. Classroom keys are available for check out.
  5. Only the person that the key card is made out to may pick up keys.
  6. A deposit of $13.00 for change keys and $50.00 for master keys in addition to a non-refundable restocking fee of $5.00 per key is required at key checkout.
  7. Any lost or stolen keys will require a new key card and deposit.  All lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to University Police.  In addition, the appropriate chair or director shall be notified to evaluate the risk, considering the need for a rekey.
  8. Update authorization signatures at the front office of UMPD as needed.

Key Return Procedure

  1. Each key is uniquely numbered and every individual assigned a key is responsible for returning the assigned key to UMPD.
  2. Deposit money can only be returned to the depositor unless a note matching the card signature is available.
  3. Refunds are processed to debit /credit cards or can be applied to a student/employee banner account. Cash refunds cannot be issued.

Keys Charged to an Index

  1. Students may not charge key deposits to a department.
  2. All individuals who have been assigned keys must return them to the UMPD.  This will ensure that the deposits are correctly credited to the department.
  3. Grants cannot be used for key deposits.

Re-Keys and Lock Maintenance

The Lock Shop is managed by Facilities Services.  If you have questions regarding re-keying or lock maintenance contact the Work Order Desk at (406) 243-6091 or place a work order online.

UMPD Lost and Found is located in Building 32 (Facilities Services) at the UMPD front office.

Found items from all over campus find their way to UMPD each year. We go to great lengths trying to identify the owners of the property and we log items in a database. We store found items for a minimum of 90 days in a secure area.  The only exceptions are food containers and Griz Cards. Food containers (including water bottles) are disposed of and Griz Cards are turned into the Griz Card Office. 

Tips on making your property identifiable

Keys are one item that is hard to find an owner for. Often times we will get only a single key turned in.  Anything that can help describe your set of keys can help us identify them. If you have a red lanyard and a teddy bear charm attached to your keys it will be easier to locate them if they are turned in.

Cell phones are another item we get an abundance of. We have recently received several smartphones that we have not been able to return. The two greatest challenges we find are with locked phones and phones that have very little information in them. 

Locking your phone can be very important especially if you need to protect personal information. This also means that if the phone is found there is no way to identify the owner. One way around this is to make sure that your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts can be accessed when your phone is locked. Sometimes this means looking at your settings. If we do find your phone we will call one of those contacts so that it can be returned to you.

Track Phones are probably the phones that have the least amount of owner information in them. If you choose to not lock your phone and you simply have a contact for MOM or DAD we will be able to get your phone back to you.

You can also register your phone with us so we have your serial number on file. We strongly suggest that you register any property you have with us if it has a serial number. If it does not have a serial number you can engrave a unique number that can be used to identify it.

To claim or check on a lost and found item(s) please contact

Lost Items:

If you have lost something please e-mail Detective Croft using this format:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Item lost - detailed description
  • Where and when the item was lost

Departments around campus also have lost and found, so be sure to check those near the area you lost your item.

Found Item:

If you have found an item please turn it in at the UMPD front office, in Building 32. We will do our best to make sure the items are returned to the owner.

Firearms Safety

Make no mistake about it...Alcohol, Drugs and Guns DO NOT MIX!

From the time you you pick up a firearm, you become part of a system over which you have complete control.  YOU, are the only part of the system that can make a firearm safe or unsafe!

Before you decide to pick up a firearm, learn the general rules of safe gun handling:

  • Handle every firearm as if it were loaded
  • Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction & never point a firearm at anything you are not ready to destroy
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
  • Know your target and what is beyond it
  • Firearms should be unloaded when not actually in use
  • Do not rely on your firearms "safety"
  • Use correct ammunition
  • If your firearm fails to fire when you press the trigger, handle with care
  • Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting
  • Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting
  • Learn the mechanical characteristics of the firearm you are using BEFORE you handle the firearm

Firearms Storage

UMPD has a firearms vault students can use free of charge

Because of the physical danger weapons (rifles, handguns, archery equipment, bows and arrows, shotguns of any type or caliber, including BB guns, pellet guns, dart guns, slingshots, and large knives) pose, having these items in the residence halls or on the campus is prohibited. The University of Montana has a policy that requires these items to be registered and stored in the University Police weapons vault located in the Police Department.

Failure to adhere to this firearm policy may result in student conduct code violation(s) and/or criminal charges being filed. It is a violation of University of Montana and Montana Board of Regents policies to POSSESS a concealed weapon on the University of Montana campus, even if licensed to do so.

One way to protect your property is to register your electronic equipment with UMPD. By providing your contact information and identifying details of your equipment, including serial number, UMPD will be able to contact you if your item is turned in to the front office lost and found. Register your items now.

GrizWalk is a service provided by the UM Police Department's GrizWalk Security Team.

Student teams provide safe walking or driving escorts anytime between dusk and dawn.

If GrizWalk is unavailable, a UM Police Officer will provide the same service.

From on-campus: 2777
From off-campus: (406) 243-2777