Permit Options

UMPD's  new virtual parking permit system.  The new license plate recognition technology will be replacing physical parking permits at UM.

The innovative technology will simplify the parking permit process.  Customers will no longer need hangtags or window permits.  Customers will purchase parking through our parking portal Your license plate will become your permit to park.  Accurate license plate information is vital.  Virtual permits work similar to supermarket scanners with the license plate working as the barcode.  When your license is read, the numbers are referenced against the parking database to verify valid parking for the location. 

This change will benefit our campus community in many ways.  

  • Contactless  flexible parking service.
  • Elimination of replacement fee for lost permits.
  • Visitors are able to login as a guest and purchase parking portal


A parking e-permit or guest pass (see Visitor Parking) is required to park on the UM  Mountain and Missoula College campuses throughout the year, Monday - Friday 7 am - 5 pm.  Areas that are marked as reserved (highlighted pink on the parking map) are leased spaces and are not available to use by anyone other than the reserved space owner.  To accommodate the needs of commuters, there are designated areas where overnight parking is allowed.  These areas are highlighted DARK GREEN on the parking map.  If you are parked across campus after dark, Griz Walk (243-2777) is available to escort you so you do not have to walk alone.


Students, Faculty and Staff must login the parking portal with their net ID.

Students parking on mountain and Missoula College campuses must register for parking  on the parking portal. You must login using your net ID. Upon completion of your parking selection you will be able to park on campus.  Please keep in mind that your plate number must be accurately entered. You will be able to select to pay by credit card or have the charge placed on your student bill. If you change vehicle  during the year please give us a call at: 243-6132 to update your permit.

UM Faculty and Staff must also request parking through the parking portal using your net ID. You will be able to request payroll deduction for charge your parking to a credit card.

STUDENT PARKING cost for the 2021-2022 school year:

Full Year - $256.00

Half Year - $128.00

Motorcycle - $47.25

Summer - $86.00


Car Pool - $15/each member

A car pool must have at least three commuting (not Residence Halls) members with three registered vehicles.  Each member must bring their vehicle registration and ID to the UMPD Parking Office and fill out the required paperwork. For questions call: 243-6132

Super Saver Commuter Pass - $47.25

For time periods when park and ride buses are not running, and UM is open, Spring Break, Winter Break and Summer.  Pass good for decal areas only and must be purchased prior to March 30th. 

Reserved - $682.00

Available on a 1st-come-1st serve basis. Valid only in assigned reserved space.

For more information or to get on the waiting list for a reserved space you can contact Shelley Harshbarger at 243-6133 or e-mail Cerise Mclean

Go Green Permit - $82.50

To encourage good ecological choices, electric, hybrid engines meeting EPA "SmartWay Elite" ALL STATES standards will be offered a "Go Green" discount. These permits can only be issued through the office with a copy of the vehicle registration. Qualifying vehicles are listed at the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. More information available from UMPD Parking Office.