Visitor Parking

The University of Montana welcomes many visitors to campus daily. Parents, friends of the university, official visitors, conference attendees, and vendors are all vital to the function of the schools, facilities, and services.

There is no free visitor parking on the Mountain and Missoula College campuses (aside from the 20-minute Quick Stops available for one use daily).  However, there are parking options for visitors.

DAILY PARKING PASS - valid in regular, decal  and multi-use lots

ONE DAY PASS - $4.00   Consecutive multiple days can be purchased via portal

These passes are sold at University Police, University Center Bookstore, Campus Recreation and the cashiers window at Missoula College. They are also available via the web portal through "Get Permits"  Please use the guest login at  Parking Portal 

 Step by step guide on how to order day parking   Guest permit guide

HOURLY PAY - $1.75 per hour

Hourly pay stubs are available from the dispensers in the pay lots.  These lots are strategically placed around campus and can be found on the Parking Map highlighted in yellow.  The pay stubs are valid in the hourly pay lots and multi-use lots.  Accurate license plate information must be entered in order to have valid parking.  You are also able to do extend by phone from these areas if you enter your phone number.

QUICK STOP PARKING - FREE (one use per day, no permit required)

For pick-ups, deliveries, and errands provided at convenient locations on campus; maximum parking time is 20 minutes.  (Unless posted otherwise).  Vehicles are permitted one use per day.