Transitory and enduring disability among urban and rural people
Rayna Sage, Bryce Ward, Andrew Myers, and Craig Ravesloot
November 2018

"I really want people to use our work to be safe" .... Using participatory research to develop a safety intervention for adults with intellectual disability
Rosemary Hughes, Susan Robinson-Whelen, and Rebecca Goe
August 2018

Under-representation of adolescents with respiratory, mental health, and developmental disabilities using American Community Survey (ACS) Questions
Catherine Ipsen, Cathy Chambless, Noelle Kurth, Sara McCromick, Rebecca Goe, and Jean Hall
July 2018

Life starts at home: Bathing, exertion and participation for people with mobility impairment
Lillie Greiman, S. Parker Fleming, Bryce Ward, Andrew Myers, and Craig Ravesloot
July 2018

Research brief: Life starts at home: Exploring how housing impacts participation for people with disabilities
June 2018

Strategies for conducting health research with Latinos during times of political incivility
Rayna Sage, Sandra Benavides-Vaello, Erin Flores, Sydnie LaValley, and Patrick Martyak
June 2018 

A pilot test of the GoWoman weight management intervention for women with mobility impairments in the online world of Second Life
Margaret Nosek, Susan Robinson-Whelen, Tracey Ledoux, Rosemary Hughes, Daniel O'Connor, Rebecca Lee, and Rebecca Goe
June 2018

Contraceptive use by disability status: new national estimates from the National Survey of Family Growth
William Mosher, Rosemary Hughes, Tina Bloom, Leah Horton, Ramin Mojabai, and Jeanne Alhusen
June 2018

Building life skills and interest in STEM through rural 4-H robotics camps
Rayna Sage, Jaymie Vandagriff, and Janet Schmidt
March 2018