Welcome to the BSW Program

The School of Social Work BSW Program is based on a generalist practice model. This model holds that effective practice must address social issues and problems at multiple levels by utilizing a variety of theoretical frameworks.

Through our program, students can address social problems from a broad ecological and strengths-based perspective, moving between fields of practice, incorporating best practices into their professional repertoire, applying critical thinking skills to all phases of the change process, critiquing themselves and professional approaches, and utilizing a framework for social justice to address complex problems at all levels of society.

Recognizing the interplay between individuals, families, organizations, communities, and societal and global systems, generalist practitioners utilize various intervention models and techniques to work effectively toward a just and healthy society for all people.

The faculty and staff of the BSW Program are committed to nurturing students’ professional growth and development through the competencies established by the Council on Social Work Education.

For more information, contact Primary Advisor Heidi Holzer: heidi.holzer@mso.umt.edu or BSW Director Deanna Cooper, LCSW.