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By means of photography, essays, maps, and much more, the University of Montana presents a vivid portrait of the beauty and uniqueness of the Montana.

About us: Many courses taught on campus highlight all that is Montana, from the grandeur of the Montana prairie to the science that explains our wildlife and economy. Research carried out throughout our state and region is uncovering fascinating information that enriches our lives and influences our state and its development. This wealth of wisdom belongs to all of us – people like you and me – people in this great state who make this university possible. Through this online resource created by students, faculty and partners, we’ll bring you stories of the Montana landscape, its colorful human occupants – past and present, its legendary wildlife and new findings gathered from exciting research carried out on campus and in the field.

For Educators: Instead of settling for textbook accounts of distant places, the places we live can serve as wonderful, meaningful sources for inspiration, education, and life-long learning. This is Montana can be used by Montana educators as a resource for partnerships, photos and stories pertaining to the local community and environment. Our content can act as an entry point to teach concepts across the curriculum such as, expansion, natural systems, and governance by using meaningful and relevant Montana related accounts. Join our mailing list to receive weekly emails on the latest This is Montana content. 



The magazine focuses on the two magnificent ecosystems in its title and brings a wealth of essays, reports, articles and special features on topics in fields as diverse as these ecosystems’ landscapes.



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