Erected in 1989, the 27 foot tall concrete penguin is a notable site in Cut Bank, Montana.  Although the penguin declares Cut Bank to be the “Coldest Spot in the Nation”, the honor for the true victor is Prospect Creek Camp in Northern Alaska which saw temperatures plummet to -79.8º F.  Outside of Alaska, Roger’s Pass recorded a low of -70º F in January of 1954.  As far as communities in Montana, the lowest average annual temperatures are found in West Yellowstone and Cooke City at 34.4ºF and 34.9ºF respectively.  However, Wisdom, Montana, boasts a cool average of 277 days below freezing every year.  Although Cut Bank may not be the coldest spot in the nation, they can claim to have the world’s largest penguin. 

Kayde E. Kaiser | University of Montana | Geography Department