Purple Line: 5th/6th/Cregg

aerial photo bus driving down wyoming st near a pond

Purple Line runs weekdays from the UM Transit Hub every 30 minutes beginning at 7:15 am. Service ends at 7:30 pm on Catlin & Wyoming. The last pickup from the Transit Hub is at 7:15 pm. This route begins and ends the same, but changes from 2022 have been made to serve the Sawmill District. 

Please see below for the updated Purple Line Route Map, paying particular attention to the new service on Orange St and Wyoming St, and service removal on 5th and 6th west of Orange St.

If these route changes are no longer serving your needs, please refer to Mountain Line's Route 8 that also serves this area and drops off at the UM Transit Hub.

Purple Line Bus Schedule
Depart UM Transit Hub Cregg & Cottonwood (Outbound) Catlin & Wyoming Wyoming & Moose Cr Tr (Inbound) Arrive UM Transit Hub
7:15 am 7:22 am 7:30 am 7:32 am 7:45 am
7:45 am 7:52 am 8:00 am 8:02 am 8:15 am
:15 :22 :30 :32 :45
:45 :52 :00 :02 :15
7:15 pm 7:22 pm 7:30 pm N/A N/A