UDASH Bus Schedule Changes for Spring 2024

udash bus on oval

At ASUM Transportation, we value all of our riders and their diverse schedules. Our goal is to get all students where they need to be in an efficient and timely manner. To accomplish this goal, we will be making some changes to our current UDASH schedules during Spring Semester 2024 to best serve all our riders and their needs.  The changes are as follows: 

Blue Line: Blue Line service will now begin at 7:03 AM. From 7:03 AM to 8:33 AM, buses arrive at Lewis and Clark every 30 minutes. The last stop will be at the UC stop at 8:50 AM. Blue Line will continue to only run in the mornings. 

Purple Line: Purple Line service will end earlier in the evening than the semesters previous. From 7:15 AM to 5:45 PM, buses will arrive at the Transit Hub every 30 minutes. The last stop will be at the Caitlin & Wyoming stop at 6:00 PM, which is slightly earlier than 7:30 PM from last semester. 

Green Line: Green Line’s service will also be slightly reduced to end earlier in the evening. From 7:30 AM to 6:10 PM, buses will arrive at the Transit Hub every 20 minutes. The Transit Hub stop at 6:10 PM will be the final stop for the evening. Please note this change as Green Line, in previous semesters, has run until 6:45 PM. 

Red Line/Gold Line Transitions: We will now be transitioning Red Line to Gold Line during all weekday evenings.  

Red Line: Red Line will run as normal starting at 7:16 AM at Lewis and Clark, running to and from campus every 20 minutes. Instead of ending at 10:28 PM at the Transit Hub, Red Line service will end at 8:28 PM at the Transit Hub.

Gold Line: At 8:30 PM, Red Line will become Gold Line. Monday through Thursday, this Gold Line route will run from the Transit Hub to downtown to Lewis and Clark until 10:18 PM. On Fridays, the Gold Line will run this same route until 12:48 PM, where the route will end at Lewis and Clark.  

For any riders wanting to get from campus to Lewis and Clark without riding all the way downtown, they can catch the outbound bus to Lewis and Clark at any of the stops along Arthur Ave as the bus comes back from downtown.  

These changes are being implemented to best accommodate our peak ridership and driver schedules. These updated timetables and routes are available on our Bus Routes page. Please take a look if you plan on taking any of our routes during Spring Semester 2024. If you have any questions, please contact us at 406-243-4599 or udash@umontana.edu. We look forward to seeing you all back on campus this spring and helping you get to your destinations!