UM Commuter Challenge

February 22nd- March 5th 2021

It’s our annual competition where departments and student groups compete against each other to see who can get everyone to commute sustainably just one time. We’re not anti-car or pro-bike, it’s about exploring new commute options- you just have to do it once to win!

The catch: Each and every person in your department or in your student group is a team! Getting everyone to make one sustainable commute is the challenge

Your department or your student group is your team. One person will need to designate themselves the captain and is responsible for generating enthusiasm and sharing resources/information.

We define sustainable commuting as reducing one single occupancy vehicle drip. Could be carpool, bus, bike, walking, unicycling, up to you! Just make sure you log your trips at

Everyone on your team must log one sustainable trip on the weekdays between February 22nd- March 5th

Emissions from commuting is one of the biggest contributors to poor air quality and climate change. The Missoula Valley is prone to poor air quality in the winter, making it a great time to try and cut down emissions and clear the air when we can.

Sign Up Survey for Captains:

Climate Change Studies team photo from 2020

Commuter Challenge Info

Your workplace participates by using the online or app Way to Go! Missoula platform. Each coworker will create an account in Way to Go! Missoula and will connect to your team's workplace network. Your Commuter Challenge Captain will be able to see who has logged trips and will be able to run reports and internal raffles or challenges!

Commuter Challenge Captain's Sign up Here

What is a commute? 

The Commuter Challenge focuses specifically on your daily travel to and from your workplace. While we strongly encourage using sustainable travel modes throughout the day to run errands , grab lunch, etc. these additional trips will NOT be counted in this particular challenge. These trips should be logged as "errands" on Way to Go! Missoula. 


What is a sustainable commute? 

Any mode other than driving alone (walk, bike, bus, carpool, vanpool, , skateboard, rollerblade, etc.) Telecommuting definitely counts as a sustainable commute! We also ask that per university Covid policy, if you're carpooling with someone outside of your household that you wear masks while in the vehicle. 

What are the requirements for departments? 

We welcome all departments! Whether your team is 5,10, or 50 employees, your participation will make a difference. The only requirement is that every team has a Commuter Challenge Team Captain that serves as the point of contact between your workplace and Missoula In Motion. 

What do you mean by student groups? 

This year we're adding a student element! Student groups are teams of students, such as ASUM Student Groups. We ask that student group teams be comprised of only students, and you can only be part of one team! Students can join department teams. Please contact Maddy Jones with questions. 



As a team: 

To keep things interesting, we've divided teams into student groups and departments. If you are the ONLY team in your category to achieve All-Star status (meaning every person in your department or group logs at least one sustainable commute throughout the challenge) then you WIN. If more than one team achieves All-Start status, then the winner is decided by the leader boards. Winning Departments receive the coveted UM Commuter Trophy! Student groups receive money towards their budget. 

Best Social Media Engagement: Tag @umtransportation on all your Commuter Challenge posts! Bonus points for a creative, covid-safe team photo. 


10 Day Medalist: Commute sustainably every single day of the challenge (10 days total) and be rewarded with $5 U-Money. 

Daily Raffle: Every day that you log a sustainable commute, you'll be entered into win a fun commute themed prize. 


Sign your team up here! 

The captain's training will be Thursday February 11th at 1pm. If you're one of the first 15 people to sign up for the challenge, you'll receive $10 Umoney for attending the training. The session will be recorded, contact Maddy Jones for more info. 

Resources for new captains

Returning Captain Info