Clubs and Activities

Iota Iota Iota (Triota) Women's Studies Honor Society

The Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) has officially recognized Iota Iota Iota (Triota) Women's Studies Honor Society as a student group. Triota's goal is to promote interest in women's and gender studies, to promote volunteerism and advocacy, and to honor the academic prowess of Women's and Gender Studies students.

Black Student Union

The University of Montana’s Black Student Union is looking for new members. We are a group dedicated to our goal of being positive, inclusive and empowering our student body to be impactful in their communities. We are an equal opportunity group looking for students with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to be proactive in addressing university, city, and nationwide issues. Being a student of color is not a requirement to join the BSU. There are many issues that cross racial, political, and socio-economic barriers that affect us all. Race and ethnicity shouldn’t stop good people from coming together to create something positive. If you are someone that wants to be involved in their college experiences (not just go to class, get good grades, and work for someone else) come to our next meeting and join the best group on campus. For more information, please visit the Black Student Union website for more information