Graduate Student Workshop Series

Spring 2021 Workshops will take place from 1:00 to 2:00 on Zoom; an additional half-hour will be available for discussion and tips.

To register, click here [link to]. Address any questions to Kelly Franklin (


January  20:                     Overwhelmed by Research and Writing? 

                                                Strategies for Getting Started and Managing Your Writing Process 

February 3:                  Overwhelmed by the Literature? 

                                                Part 1: Strategies for Analyzing and Using Sources 

February 17:                  Overwhelmed by the Literature? 

                                                Part 2: Strategies for Organizing and Synthesizing Your Research 

March 3:                        What’s the Significance? 

                                                Strategies for Using the Literature to Explain the Importance of Your Research 

March 17:                        Preparing to Publish? 

                                                Strategies for Writing Journal Articles