Flexibility with attendance and deadline policies

COVID-19: Flexibility with deadlines

If students are approved for flexibility with deadlines as a modification, Disability Services recommends that students reach out to their instructors as follows: 

  • Email each of the instructors and request a deadline flexibility modification in a timely manner. Attach a verification letter and cc (carbon copy) your Disability Services coordinator.
  • To compose an email, students can use an email template.

Overview: Flexibility with attendance & deadlines

Class attendance and assignment policies are set by faculty or departments, not determined by Disability Services for Students. When the functional limitations of the disability affects student’s participation in their classes, the student’s Disability Services Coordinator may recommend consideration for flexibility with attendance and deadline policies as a possible reasonable modification.

However, flexibility with the attendance policies may not be reasonable if class participation is determined to be an essential academic component of the class.

Instructors do not need to grant retroactive modification requests from the students. Thus, students need to notify their instructors in advance and work with them to determine the maximum time that can be missed without compromising the integrity of the course.

Similarly, in the case of requesting extended deadlines as a modification, the students need to notify the instructors before the due date and make arrangements with the instructor to determine the new due date. The extended deadlines should not compromise the integrity of the course.

The instructors determine policies about make-up work and missed quizzes and exams. The instructors have the right to hold their academic standard. They are not required to lower or substantially modify essential course elements in order to provide modifications to students with disabilities.

Discussion between the students and instructors is essential. Please contact your Disability Services coordinators if any issues or concerns arise.