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 Faculty Senate

The University of Montana

University Library Committee

Committee Responsibiities:
  • Communication:  The University Library Committee (ULC) communicates between the Faculty Senate and the library administration.
  • Advocacy:  The ULC advocates on behalf of the development and maintenance of library resources and services as well as the needs of library stakeholders, including faculty, students and staff, especially as communicated through the Faculty Senate.  Additionally, the committee reviews library matters as they relate to the University’s academic mission.
  • Review:  The ULC reviews the annual library acquisitions budget and strategic plan.  The committee participates in the selection and periodic evaluations of the Dean of Libraries.  The committee also participates in the accreditation processes affecting or involving the Mansfield Library.

Margaret Baldridge (Chair) 

Meetings are the second monday of the month at 4:10 the Dean's Conference Room

Schools (three)  

  Ronald Wakimoto, Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences
  Emily Plant, Management
  Margaret Baldridge, Music (Chair)

Humanities (One)  
  Matthew Semanoff, MCLL 2017
Sciences (One)  
   George Stanley, Geosciences 2016
Social Sciences (One)  
Mansfield Library (Two)  
   Barry Brown
   Kate Zoellner


Staff (One;One-year terms)
Andi Armstrong

Student /Undergraduate (Two, one-year term)

Student /Graduate (One, one-year term)
Ex-Officio (Non-voting)
   Shali Zhang, Library Dean

2013-2014 Minutes

2012-2013 Minutes

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2008-2009 Minutes

Faculty Senate

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812