Unit Standards Committee

Committee Members

Schools (four)
Donna McCrea, Mansfield Library (2021)
Michael Musick, Media Art, (2021)
David Erickson, Teaching & Learning (2021)

Humanities (Two)

Sciences (Two)
Oliver Serang, Computer Science (2021)

Social Sciences (two)
Ramona Gray, Political Science (2019)
Jackson Bunch, Sociology (2020)

Committee Charge

To monitor faculty evaluation procedures and review unit standards.

CBA section 10.00: The University Standards Committee shall work with units to bring the Unit Standards into compliance pursuant to Section 10.250. [ The University Standards Committee shall have the responsibility of reviewing the unit standards on a five-year cycle, taking a fifth of the unit standards each year. Recommendations for change of the unit standards may be submitted to the Standards Committee by the unit faculty, the chairperson, the appropriate dean, or the Provost. The unit faculty, department chairperson, the University Standards Committee, the appropriate dean, and Provost must approve any proposed change. Any changes in unit standards resulting from this process shall not take effect until twelve (12) months after the decision, unless agreed otherwise by the unit faculty, the dean, and the Provost.]
CBA section 10.120: If the Standards Committee does not approve any specific set of unit standards within forty (40) working days of submission by the unit, those standards shall be forwarded directly to the Provost for consideration.
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Opperational Procedures and Guidelines for Unit Standards Review

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