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Graduate Council


Kent Swift


Graduate Council meets every Wednesday 12:10p.m.,Gallagher Business Building, Room 202


Curricular Forms
Graduate Advising Guidelines
Graduate Increment Guidelines
Co-convening Guidelines


  • Promote, review, and evaluate graduate programs to ensure vitality, currency, and quality;
  • Review and make recommendations on all requests for new programs, for deletions of programs, and for curriculum additions or changes by departments and schools;
  • Consider suggested changes in Graduate School regulations;
  • Consider issues raised by graduate students relating to regulations of specific graduate programs or their welfare;
  • Initiate and supervise interdisciplinary graduate programs in response to national, regional, or state needs, or to the desires and needs of sufficient numbers of graduate students;
  • Decide on substantive matters relating to graduate programs, curricula, general Graduate School regulations, awards and scholarships, etc., and forward decisions to the Graduate School, Faculty Senate, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs as appropriate. 


Graduate Council consists of 12 faculty members, three graduate students, and the Graduate School administrator or the administrator's designee (ex-officio and non-voting). Each faculty member nominated to this committee shall have an appointment in a department or school with a graduate program and be active in that program.


1) Individual Interdisciplinary Program (IIP) Admissions Committee

The IIP Admission Committee is composed of five faculty members from any Schools or Colleges that offer graduate programs. The IIP Oversight Committee Chair shall be a member of the IIP Admissions Committee. At least three of the five faculty members shall be from different doctoral-granting programs. The IIP Admissions Committee shall be responsible for  admitting students to the IIP.

2) IIP Oversight Committee

The IIP Oversight Committee is composed of Graduate Council doctoral program faculty. This committee serves in the role of traditional departmental graduate committees, where this is appropriate within the IIP program. The committee monitors provisional status students; annually reviews student progress and reporting procedures; appoints at least one Oversight Committee member to attend each IIP student dissertation defense; and addresses appeals from IIP Program Committee members. The Oversight Committee may send recommendations to a program committee (e.g., if a student should be put on probation).