Curriculum and Program Approval Process

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All curriculum and program changes must be submitted to the Faculty Senate by the Fall deadline for review by the Academic Standards and Curricular Review Committee (ASCRC) and/or Graduate Council. Level I and Level II proposals must be reviewed initially in the Provost's Office and then continue on to the Board of Regents for approval.

Types of Curriculum/Program proposals:

Course Changes & other slight Program Modifications

Level I Proposals

  • characterized by minimal cost or impact and need to be approved by the Commissioner of Higher Education and conveyed to the Board of Regents

Level II Proposals

  • substantial changes (such as a new major or minor) that require Board of Regents approval

New Centers

  • proposals for new centers are considered Level II Proposals, but they require additional steps for approval

Emeritus proposals

  • emeritus nominations are considered a Level II BOR Proposal