Curriculum & Program Approval Process

Please submit both original hard copy and electronic (Word) versions of all applicable forms for initial review in the Provost's Office.

The BOR's Academic Affairs Handbook describes Level I and Level II proposals and provides more detailed information about academic proposals.

Directions For Submitting Proposals:

Creating a new:

  • certificate
  • option
  • minor
  • degree
  • center/institute


  • major, minor, option or certificate
  • department
  • degree (ex: B.A. to B.F.A.)
  • college/division


  • major, minor, option or certificate
  • college, division, school, department, center/institute
  • or placing a program into moratorium


  • degrees and/or programs
  • department, college/school, center

Emeritus nominations

Online or distance delivery of previously authorized degrees

Contact Jasmine Zink Laine at 243-6135 or