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Information for Faculty

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreements cover faculty at UM and help define roles and responsibilites for both faculty and administrators.

Faculty Development Office

The Faculty Development Office (FDO) coordinates and develops opportunities for faculty to grow professionally and personally.

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Evaluation procedures are detailed in Section 10.200 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Sabbatical Assignment


Academic assessment is the process by which we evaluate curriculum, plan improvements when necessary, and evaluate the effects of the changes.

Curriculum and Program Approval Process

All curriculum and program changes must be submitted to the Faculty Senate each September for review. Level I and Level II proposals must be reviewed initially by the Office of the Provost and continue on to the Board of Regents for Approval.

Center Review

Centers at the University of Montana are approved and periodically assessed according to UM Policy 103: Establishment and Periodic Review of Academic Institutes, Bureaus, Centers, Labs, and Other Similar Entities.

Program Review

Program Review is a process mandated by the Board of Regents Policy 303.3 "to ensure program quality and effective stewardship of resources."

Unit Standards

A department's unit standards, along with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, provide performance standards and expectations for the faculty.

Faculty Affiliates

Faculy Affiliates are not university employees, but are associated with an academic department for the purposes of teaching or academic oversight.

Department Reports

The Office of the Provost maintains department reports for each academic department of the University of Montana, including assessment plans, unit standards, and program descriptions.