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Unit Standards

Each academic unit maintains a set of unit standards. A department's unit standards, in conjunction with the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), provide performance standards and expectations for the faculty.

As required by the CBA, Unit Standards are revised every five years in a process that involves review by the Dean, the Unit Standards Committee, and the Provost. Unit standards for Missoula College are presented to the Dean and then the Provost for approval.

Unit Standards Review Process:

Step 1: Departmental Discussion

  • department creates/revises their unit standards document
  • chair signs the signature page and sends to the dean for approval/signature

Step 2: Submission for Review (BY NOVEMBER 30)

  • chair submits electronic copy of standards to Faculty Senate and Office of the Provost
  • Unit Standards Committee reviews the standards and then sends to the Provost for review

Step 3: Revision Process (if required)

  • if revisions are requested by either the Unit Standards Committee or the Provost, revise and resubmit to the appropriate reviewer
  • upon final approval/signature of the Provost, the unit standards are posted and go into effect 12 months later

Each department's current unit standards are posted on the Department Reports page.