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Student Concerns

Is the nature of your concern academic?

If not, please see the below information:

If you have concerns about academic policies at UM:

  • Please contact your Dean's office.

If the nature of your concern is something that affects your academic performance:

  • First, attempt to resolve the issue directly with your professor. 
  • If resolution is not possible or your professor is unresponsive to your requests within a week please contact the Chair of the Department.
  • If the Chair is unable to resolve the matter or is unresponsive to your requests within a few days please contact the Dean of the College or School.
  • If the Dean is unable to resolve the matter or is unresponsive to your request please contact the Office of the Provost at (406) 243-4689.

If your professor, the Chair, the Dean, and the Provost's Office have not addressed the matter to your satisfaction, then please contact the ASUM Student Resolution Officer  (243-5431,

The student grievance procedure requires that such grievances be brought to the Student Resolution Officer within 30 days of the act or omission that caused the grievance or after the date that the student knew or should have known of such an act or omission (see CBA Section 21.500).

It is very helpful to chronologically organize all documentation of interactions between you and the faculty, staff, and administrators you contact. In addition, we recommend you write a chronological summary of your experiences in trying to resolve your academic issue.