Student FAQs

Where can I find the academic calendar?

The current, past and future academic calendars are posted on the Office of the Provost website.

Where can I find information about commencement?

Please see the Registrar's Office Commencement Information webpage.

What degrees does the University of Montana offer?

Please see the Academic Inventory, which lists all majors, minors, options, and certificates offered at UM.

I'm having a problem with my professor. What can I do about it?

Please see our student concerns webpage.

I have a complaint about a dean/employee/university event/university procedure.

Please see our student concerns webpage. You may also contact us with questions.

I need help with my online course.

First, contact your professor for help. Next, contact UM Online Technical Support (243-4999 or Finally, contact the School of Extended and Lifelong Learning (243-2900).

I'm on academic probation/suspension. What does that mean and what do I need to do?

Please contact the Office for Student Success (243-2800).

I have questions or need help with summer course information.

Contact the School of Extended and Lifelong Learning (243-2900).

I met the requirements to be on the Dean's list. Why isn't my name on the list?

If the Dean's List or 4.0 List isn't showing up on your transcript, contact the Registrar's Office (243-2938).

If your name did not appear on the list published in your hometown newspaper, it may be because your permanent mailing address is your Missoula address.

I am a former University of Montana student and I want to start taking classes again.

If you stopped taking classes less than 24 months ago, contact the Registrar's Office (243-2939) for help registering for classes.

If you stopped taking classes more than 24 months ago, contact the Registrar's Office (243-2939) and the Enrollment Services Office (243-6226).

I am a student with a disability. Where can I find help?

Please contact Disability Student Services.

What are the residency requirements for in-state tuition?

Residency requirements are listed on the Montana University System website. Be aware that residency accepted by the state of Montana does not guarantee that the University of Montana will offer you in-state tuition rates. Contact Matt Filer in the Registrar's office (243-2413).

Where can I obtain a degree verification document?

Please contact Paulette Nooney in the Registrar's Office (243-2422).

How do I get verification of my study abroad grades?

Please contact the Office of International Programs (243-2288).

How can I get funding from the Office of the Provost for my academic experience?

Please see the Student Travel Fund website.

When are final grades going to be posted?

Final grades are usually available within a week or so after finals week. Please contact the Registrar's Office (243-2995) for more specific information. Wintersession grades are posted with spring semester grades.

I'm an incoming graduate student who will be a Teaching Assistant. Can I use the Faculty and Staff Housing Exchange?

Graduate teaching assistants are considered students, not faculty or staff, so we are unable to provide you with a guest login and password. The Off Campus Renter Center's webpage is a resource for finding housing in Missoula.

How can I get access to my child's grades?

If your child has given the university written permission for you to access and view their grades, please contact theRegistrar's Office (243-2995).

If your child has not given the university written permission for you to access and view your child's grades, the University cannot make this information available to you. 

I have questions about my financial aid package.

If you are a current UM student, please contact the Financial Aid office (243-5373).

If you are a prospective student please contact the Enrollment Services - Admissions office (406-243-6266).