All-Surface Cleaning (ASC)

Last Review Date: September 18, 2020

I.  Purpose

All surface cleanings (ASC) are done to be sanitized all surfaces of an animal room and non-animal areas in order to eliminate microorganisms that may endanger the health of an animal.

II. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the LAR Staff to ensure all animal rooms and Lab Animal Resource related areas undergo all-surface cleaning (ASC) on a monthly basis. Documentation of the monthly ASC must be posted on the schedule board in HSB 009 and ante-rooms of Skaggs animal areas. At the end of each month, this record is then transferred to the ASC notebook file in HS009 and file cabinet in SB041.  ATP testing should be done once a month on one randomly selected room, pre and post ASC to ensure that the surfaces are being properly sanitized. This responsibility falls under the Lab Tech who conducts monthly ATP testing across the facilities

III. Procedure

     A.  Obtain the necessary cleaning equipment.   


Health Science Building

North Skaggs Building

South Skaggs Building


Blue towels & Wall mop covers

009 cabinets

HSB 009

HSB 009

LAR closet


Dirty side

Dirty Side

Clean side

Backroom by sinks

Wall mop

Dirty side

Dirty side

Clean side

LAR closet


Dirty Side



By the backdoor/ Flight Room


In rooms

In rooms

In rooms

LAR closet


009 cabinet

Dirty side

Dirty side

LAR closet


     B.  Fill the pressurized spray bottle with Peroxigard concentrate (2 oz to 1 gallon of H2O)

     C.  Take all the necessary cleaning equipment to the area to be ASC’d 

            1.  Do not reuse blue towels or wall mops for multiple rooms or multiple ASC’s. always
                  use clean towels and mops     

     D.  If able, move animal cages and/or equipment to the center area of the room to allow
           unobstructed spraying of the wall surfaces.

     E.  Light fixtures *use extreme caution*

           1.  Clean as needed.  They do not need to be cleaned every month

           2.  Set up the ladder, make sure it is secure. It is recommended to have another
                person spot and keep the ladder stable

           3.  Carefully flip the two small latches on the ends of the light fixture. The cover is on a
                hinge. Slowly lower the light cover and using a blue towel sweep out any
               debris and carefully wipe down the inside of the light fixture.  Do not use force
               when opening the light covers

           4.  Close the cover and make sure to flip the latches on the outside closed

     F.  Spray all wall and ceiling surfaces using a pressurized sprayer.

    G.  Wipe down all the walls and ceiling with the wall mop

    H.  Spray down all room fixtures including sink, broom holder - wipe down with blue towels

     I.  Use equipment applicable to the room

     J.  Use Windex on any mirrors and/or windows

     K.  Sweep and mop the floor using the broom, mop, and mop bucket specific to that

     L.  Remove any trash from room

     M.  Put all used blue towels and wall mop covers into dirty clothes bin in HSB Dirty side.
           Blue towels are to be washed separately from lab coats and scrubs

IV. Safety Considerations 

     A.  Wear gloves, lab coat, and booties while cleaning. Wear rubber gloves if hands will be
           submerged for long periods of time (see MSDS book)

     B.  See MSDS book for additional safety information