Mop Exchange

Last Review Date: October 1, 2020

I. Purpose

The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to explain the process for changing out dirty mop heads used in LAR Animal Facility with commercially cleaned mop heads on a monthly basis.

II. Responsibility
It is the responsibility of all the LAR staff to know the procedure for when and how to change out dirty mop heads.  There are 2 mops in every room, one mop is just for water and one is for Peroxidgard.  Mops are marked accordingly.  There are 2 sets of rotating mop heads, 1 set that is in use, and one clean set that is next to be used.

III. Procedure 

     A.  Once a month (every 4 weeks, first thing on a Thursday morning) LAR staff will divide up
           the clean mop heads located on the dirty side of HSB onto 2 carts. One cart for Health
           Sciences building (HS), the other for Skaggs building (SB).

     B.  The dirty chemical mop heads from each animal room will be exchanged for a clean
          mop head.

     C.  Document the mop exchange by marking the appropriate box on the daily sheet for
           each room. In addition, also make a note of the mop exchange in the daily log book
           of each building.

     D.  The dirty chemical mop heads will be put into the large grey cloth bags from Missoula
           Textile Services. Those bag(s) are then placed promptly on the loading dock of HSB to
           be picked up and exchanged for a clean bag(s) of mop heads.

             1.  The dirty mop bags will be picked up no later than 10 a.m

              2.  Missoula Textile Services will leave the same number of clean mop heads in a
                   similar bag for use the next month.

     E.  The water-only mop heads will be exchanged for new once a year.

IV. Contact Information

Missoula Textile Services, (406) 543-5171