Pest Control

Last Review Date: August 25, 2020

I. Purpose/Scope
The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to outline the LAR pest control plan and ensure consistent and uniform care of animal facilities that are consistent with humane practices.

This procedure applies to all the Laboratory Animal Resources facilities on the campus of the University of Montana and the Field Research Station at Fort Missoula (FRSFM).

II. Policy
It is LAR policy to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines and to comply with all institutional policies and procedures as they apply to the use of animals in research. Personnel must attend any applicable training in animal care and use, occupational health and safety, equipment operation, and Standard operating Procedures prior to performing activities outlined in this SOP or work under the direct supervision of a trained LAR staff member.

III. Service
Custom West Pest Control, 1918 Brooks Street, Missoula MT 59801, (406) 728-4447, is under contract to provide the University of Montana animal facilities with monthly service.  Custom West Pest Control will provide the University of Montana animal facilities with SDS and all material needed for documentation according to state regulations and guidelines. Custom West technicians e-mail the service report to file in the "Pest Control" notebook in HS009 and at the FRSFM.

IV. Procedures

  • Custom West Pest Control will perform monthly pest control throughout the animal facilities this will not include animal rooms. Areas to be sprayed will include but are not limited to storerooms, hallways, cage wash areas, loading dock areas, office areas, and laundry room.
  • Live traps for wild rodents are provided for HS009 ramp door. These live traps are checked daily by LAR staff.  Mice caught in these traps are euthanized using CO2 followed by cervical dislocation.  The AV may request additional testing on carcasses.
  • Rodenticide bait stations are placed along the perimeter of the FRSFM and checked weekly by Custom West Pest Control.
  • Once a month, for the duration of a week, rodent snap traps are set within the bird aviaries and snowshoe hare enclosures to monitor rodent infiltration into these areas. These traps are checked daily by the AV or the LAR staff. 
  • Ant traps are provided as requested.