Thermolabel Water Temp. Strips

Last Review Date: January 6, 2021

I. Purpose

Thermolabel Temperature Strips are used as quality assurance devices for the cage washers in north Skaggs, south Skaggs and Health Science Buildings to ensure that the water in the cage washers in all facilities reach 180°F for sanitation purposes.

II. Responsibility
It is the responsibility of LAR Staff to apply, maintain, and record data from the temperature strips.

III. Procedure

A.  A package of new Thermolabel Temperature Strips is located in the sleeve of each
     cage washer notebook. Extra strips are stored in HSB009 office in the wall cabinet
1.  North Skaggs Building: dirty cage wash room notebook
2.  South Skaggs Building: dirty cage wash room notebook
3.  Health Sciences Building: dirty cage wash room notebook
B.  Frequency of use
1.  Each day a temperature strip will be placed in the first load of the cage washer
     in each cage wash room
C. To use strip:
1.  Remove a new Thermolabel Temperature strip from the package located in the 
     cage wash binder next to the cage washer.
2.  Peel off the backing from the strip
3.  Place the strip on a clean dry surface of a mouse or rat box, etc.
4.  Run cage wash cycle specific for items being washed.
5.  When the cycle is completed, peel the Temperature Strip slowly and carefully off       the cage, etc. surface.
6.  The window on the Temperature Strip will turn black if the water temperature  
     reached 180°F.
7.  Place the strip in the cage wash binder in the Temperature Strip section. Record
     time, date, run cycle, and any other comments.
8.  If the strip remains white, the required temperature was not met and the wash
     was not sanitized properly
a.  Report cage washer problems to the Facility Manager who will   
     contact Getinge Signature Services (800) 950-9912
b.  Report facilities problems to the Facility Manager who will contact
      Facilities Services (406) 243-6091