Departmental Assignments

When preparing a proposals for external funding or managing an award, rely on your pre/post ORSP team.   

ORSP Pre / Post contact information and photos. Refer to the UM Web Directory for Departmental Research Administrator (DRA) contact information.

Use the Org numbers below for E-Prop preparation.

Code Department Name Org # Pre-Award Post-Award DRA
ACCT Accounting & Finance 333110 York Hunter Kathleen White
A&F Administration and Finance 321100 Whitworth Whitworth Mike Reid
AAS African American Studies 332525 Whitworth Whitworth Diane Rapp / Jodi Todd
ANCR Animal Care 361400 Carollo Carollo Patty Anglen
ANTH Anthropology  332520 York Price Jodi Todd
ART Art 334120 Whitworth Whitworth Melissa Reimann
CAS Arts & Sciences/Dean, College of 332510 Whitworth Whitworth Dani McLaughlin / Jodi Todd
ASUM ASUM Transportation 342550 York Hunter Marlene Hendrickson
BSTN Biological Station-Research 362200 Carollo Carollo Teri Bales
BMED Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Sciences 336520 Redfern Redfern Kate Pennacchio / Tim Edwards
CBSD Biomolecular Structure/Dynamics 368200 Redfern Redfern Heidi Boggs
BIOT Biotechnology Center 366100 Carollo Carollo Hedi Casquilho-Gray
BCOL Bitterroot College Program 331701 Coslet Hunter Patty Skinner
BMC Broadcast Media Administration 352100 Coslet Hunter Sue Ginn
BBER Bureau of Business and Econ Research 338510 Coslet Martin Debora Simmons
BUS Business/Dean, School of 333100 York Hunter Kathleen White
MTCC Campus Compact 311200 Redfern Redfern Josh Vanek
CREC Campus Rec Administration 347510 York Martin Kevin Verlanic
CARS Career Services 343110 York Price Laurie Fisher
CBBS CBSD - Biological Sciences 368230


Redfern Janean Clark / Heidi Boggs
CBPH CBSD - Biomedical Sciences 368250 Redfern Redfern Kate Pennacchio / Heidi Boggs
CBCH CBSD - Chemistry 368240 Redfern Redfern Barbara Ensor / Heidi Boggs
CEHS Center Environmental Health Sciences 336522 Caro Caro Paulette Jones / Tim Edwards
ETH Center for Ethics 332670 York Hunter Dane Scott
CRSS Center for Riverine Science/Stream Renatr 332595 Carollo Carollo Christine Foster
CSFN Center for Structural/Functl Neuroscience 336524 Redfern Redfern Kate Pennacchio / Tim Edwards
CHEM Chemistry 332530 York Hunter Barbara Ensor
COMM Communication Studies  332620 York Price Jodi Todd
CSD Communicative Sciences & Disorders 333580 York Price Kinsey Kelley / Kay Barth
CSCI Computer Science 332540 York Martin Robyn Berg / Jodi Todd
COE Corps of Engineers (CIRE) 361905 Caro Caro John Wills
COED Counselor Education 333590 Whitworth Whitworth Kate Hohenstein
DHC Davidson Honors College 338100 York Hunter Karen Kaley
DINE Dining Services 345510 York Price Clay Meissner
DSVC Disability Services 341130 York Martin Amy Capolupo
DBS Division of Biological Sciences 332770 Bracey Bracey Janean Clark
DBS Division of Biological Sciences - Avian 332770 Carollo Carollo Janean Clark
DBS Division of Biological Sciences - Holben 332770 Carollo Carollo Janean Clark
ECON Economics 332550 Whitworth Whitworth Jodi Todd
EDL Educational Leadership 333520 Whitworth Whitworth Kristin Person
EDUC Education/Dean, School of 333510 Whitworth Whitworth Peter Knox / Kristin Person
IERS Educational Research & Svc 333560 York Hunter Leona Hastings
ENGL English 332560 Whitworth Whitworth Laura Jones / Jodi Todd
EHRM Environmental Health - Risk Management 361210 Coslet Martin Kathy Krebsbach
EVST Environmental Studies 332760 Whitworth Whitworth Julie Tompkins / Jodi Todd
FAC Facilities Service/Administration 323110 Whitworth Whitworth Casy Gladwin
FSS Foreign Student Services 341120 York Hunter Becky Maier
FOR Forestry & Conservation, College of 334520 Johnson Johnson Lisa Arends
AVSC Forestry - Avian Science Center 334524 Carollo Carollo Lisa Arends
FOR Forestry - DECS 334520 Caro Caro Lisa Arends
FIRE Forestry - Fire Center 334521 Johnson Johnson Jami Sindelar / Lisa Arends
GBRP Forestry - Grizzly Bear Recovery Pgm 334523 Carollo Carollo Kate Smith / Lisa Arends
NTSG Forestry - NTSG 334522 Carollo Carollo Rayleen Hicks / Lisa Arends
NTSG Forestry - NTSG (Kimball) 334522 Redfern Redfern Rhonda Stoddard
GEOG Geography 332580 Coslet Hunter Angie Melton-Paisley / Jodi Todd
GEOL Geosciences (Geology) 332590 Carollo Carollo Christine Foster
GRAD Graduate School Administration 361310 Coslet Martin Kelly Speer
HHP Health & Human Performance 333540 York Price Chris Riley
HSA Health Service Administration 346110 York Martin Teri Greb
HIST History 332600 Whitworth Whitworth Diane Rapp / Jodi Todd
HRS Human Resources 322300 York Martin Shelley Hiniker
IT Information Technology Admin 351100 Carollo Carollo Valerie Crepeau
IOE Institute on Ecosystems 361910 Redfern Redfern Rhonda Stoddard
OIP International Programs Administration 364100 Coslet Hunter Nancy Gass
IS Internship Services Contracts 337192 Price Price Andrea Rhoades
JOUR Journalism/Dean, School of 335110 York Martin Kathleen Whetzel
LAW Law, School of 335520 York Martin Rebecca Garner
LC Legal Counsel 316100 Whitworth Whitworth Kelsi Camp
LS Liberal Studies 332610 Whitworth Whitworth Jodi Todd
MGMT Management 333120 York Hunter Kathleen White
MANS Mansfield Center Administration 331510 Coslet Hunter Chelsey Porter
MANS Mansfield Ctr - Defense Critical Lang 331510 Coslet Hunter Mohammad Faeez Akram
LIBR Mansfield Library 336120 York Hunter Julia Ludlow / Burt Vollmer
MATH Mathematics 332640 Whitworth Whitworth Indy Singh
MART Media Arts 334160 York Martin Melissa Reimann
COT Missoula College 332100 Coslet Hunter Debie Schmidt
LANG Modern/Classical Languages/Literature 332570 Whitworth Whitworth Karen Blazevich / Jodi Todd
MCWR Montana Coop Wildlife Research Unit  361600 Thompson Thompson Tina Anderson
MDA Montana Digital Academy 333585 Whitworth Whitworth Mary Ellen Currie / Kristin Person
MFAR Montana Museum of Art & Culture 334195 York Hunter Stephan Edwards
MNHP Montana Natural Heritage Program 368100 Thompson Thompson Darlene Patzer
MREP Montana Repertory Theatre 334170 Whitworth Whitworth Jason McDaniel
WTC Montana World Trade Center 365100 Coslet Hunter Luke Walawander / Missy Lacock
MUS Music 334140 Whitworth Whitworth Hannah Singleton
NAS Native American Studies 332660 Whitworth Whitworth Jodi Todd
NIC Neural Injury Center (under P-TH) 336531 Carollo Carollo Heather Mincey / Tim Edwards
EPSC NSF-EPSCoR 361900 Thompson Thompson Rhonda Stoddard
CRMW O'Conner Ctr for Rocky Mtn West 363100 Coslet Hunter Jill Kinyon
OCE Office for Civic Engagement 338200 Redfern Redfern Laura Fellin / Andrea Vernon
PHPR Pharmacy Practice 336540 Redfern Redfern Shannon Sivertsen / Tim Edwards
PHIL Philosophy 332680 York Price Jodi Todd
P-TH Physical Therapy/Rehab Sci, School of 336530 Carollo Carollo Heather Mincey / Tim Edwards
PHYS Physics & Astronomy 332690 York Martin Becky Hawkins
PSCI Political Science 332700 York Price Karen Boice / Jodi Todd
PRES President's Office 311100 York Hunter Rebecca Power
PROV Provost's Office 331010 Coslet Hunter Alicia Heckel
PSYC Psychology 332710 York Price Jennie Mitschke / Jodi Todd
PCHS Public & Com Health Sciences, School of 336560 Redfern Redfern Desirae Ware / Tim Edwards
PSA Public Safety Administration 323310 Whitworth


Shelley Harshbarger
R-TV Radio - TV 335130 York Hunter Wanda LaCroix
READ Research Administration (Fanguy, Mills) 361110 Coslet Price Joe Rasmussen / Patty Anglen
RESD Research Development - Ctr Nat Res & Env Policy 361120 Coslet Martin Lisa Arends / Patty Anglen
ROUT Research Outreach (BIG, AASO, MT in Classroom, SpectrUM) 361130 Carollo Carollo Hannah Gimpel / Patty Anglen
MUAR Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities 367100 Coslet Martin Kim Herron
SELL School of Extend & Lifelong Learning 337110 York Hunter Deb Graham
PHAR Skaggs School of Pharmacy 336510 Redfern Redfern Tim Edwards
SOCW Social Work, School of 332730 Whitworth Whitworth Leslie Clachrie / Tim Edwards
SOC Sociology 332740 York Price Jodi Todd
SPAL Spatial Analysis Lab 368110 Thompson Thompson Darlene Patzer
STAF Student Affairs Administration 341110 York Martin Michelle Jensen
C&I Teaching & Learning 333530 Whitworth Whitworth Crissy Laubach-Young
DRAMA Theater & Dance 334130 Whitworth Whitworth Hannah Singleton
CTM Translational Medicine 368300 Bracey Bracey Patty Anglen
TRIO TRIO Student Support Services 331152 Coslet Price Ben Hamman
UREL University Relations Administration 314100 Whitworth Whitworth Jenna Kyle-Krantz
UPBD Upward Bound 331150 Coslet Price Alyssa Kelly
FNAR Visual & Performing Arts/Dean 334110 York Martin Hannah Singleton
FOR Wildlife Biology (see FOR 334520)
WS Women's Studies 332720 York Price Jessica Skipper / Jodi Todd